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Ramu Abjosh Munakka Super Select

Available in- 250 Gm

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About the product:-

Munakka , the most curative kind among the dry fruit, imposed from kandhar (Afghanistan). considered a tonic food, when taken with milk, they help to increase the iron content in the body. it also helps to bring the temperature down. Abjosh are also a rich source of protein and help build muscle mass. Regular consumption hence is sure to give you a great healty mind, body and soul.

                                      Nutrition Information

Parameters Per 100 g

Protein                                                                2.80g                   
Carbohydrate                    82.80g 
Energy                 345.5 kcal
Dietary Fibre                   2.50 mg
Vitamin C                   3.61 mg
Iron                   2.65 mg
Calcium                 105.50 mg
Cholesterol                     Nil

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