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Mango Dashedi

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About the Product:-

Safeda mangoes are predominantly sweet and slightly sour. They are also called Banganapalli in the South. The skin has a bright yellow hue and these mangoes are large in size and contain less fibre. We source the best mangoes directly from the farmers. It is an early season variety.


1. It contains more than 20 vitamins and minerals.

2. Combats infections and reduces acidity.

3. Peel has anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Storage and Uses:-

1. Store mangoes at room temperature.

2. Squeeze the mango gently.

3. Ripe mangoes are softer and have a fruity aroma at stem ends.

4. Check for it before consumption used as table fruit.

5. Good to make juices and shakes owing to its juicy texture.

Variable weight policy:-

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